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What a week in Orange County

My week started in Riverside County, California at the Stater Brothers Hero’s Challenge hosted by Dave Stockton, who was my Ryder Cup Captain in 1991. There were six Medal Of Honor Recipients on hand for the wonderful tribute to our great soldiers that have served our country both now and […]

Let the 2012 begin

As we begin this New Year, I’m always geared up to perform better than the past year. It’s important to learn from my past, put it behind me, and then move more positively into a much brighter future. This is the joy as well as the challenge for 2012. The […]

Year End Blog 2011

The Champion’s Tour is finally finished and just in time for Thanksgiving, which is so appropriate for such a great year that I had. I’m so thankful for all the people that I’ve met this year, the special events that took me to new places, and also for the safe […]

Three Grip Styles

In this video I demonstrate the three most common grip styles.   I give examples using of the numbers on the clock as a reference point.  Remembering this positions will help you adjust and remind yourself how to hold the club properly.  Keeping it simple and allowing yourself to play […]

Qualifying for Schwap Tournament

Tonight I just got back from the Kenny Loggins concert put on by the Insperity Championship in Houston, Texas. Music is a great way to bring people together for a good time to reminisce about your past experiences. Mark Wieibe, Jim and Jill Rutledge were telling stories about their childhood, […]

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