Left Thumb Placement on Right Side of Shaft

Does your left thumb look like this?

Does your left thumb look like this?

Today in history is the first time that golfers know definitively what makes the grip the most important determinant to how you swing the golf club.  The computer sciences slowing down the movement and all the imperical research that has been done have given us the reasons why. What is so amazing is that thumb placement is the most important aspect to what makes golfers square the club at impact. Hogan showed with pictures, in his’ Five Fundamentals book, the placement of the hands. What he leaves out is the importance of placing the left thumb on the right side of the shaft. Also, he emphasizes the importance of holding the club in the right hand fingers, however, leaves out the importance of having the club under the knuckle of the right index finger. Today we know so much more that what was know in the 50’s. So thank goodness we are finally understanding the major factors in the grip.  Check your grip and see if it lines up like a Pro’s.  Good luck, stay positive and have fun!  Chip BeckProper Left Thumb Placement

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